Annual STEM Showcase needs more judges

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Professionals in STEM fields can get a view of the future by volunteering next month as a judge at the RWJ Barnabas Health STEM Showcase.

Many students from different educational organizations will present their innovative projects and compete for awards and prizes at the annual event. Their works will be provided in 17 categories. Students of high school whose project will be admitted as the best will take part in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, to be held this May in Phoenix. Other participants will compete for the chance to represent Hudson County at the Broadcom Masters.

The main goal of the STEM Showcase is to give the students the opportunity to be recognized and successful. Their projects will be shown not only to the judges but lots of people will see them. Sometimes representatives of different companies visit this event to evaluate the talents of young people and to find the most perspective of them. In future, they will have the chance to get a special scholarship in the best universities and then become the part of a reputable company.

The work of a judge

The judges will spend only around four hours of their time on March 11. They will be separated into several groups which will interview students and assess and encourage their researches.

The requirements for judges are:

  1. For the elementary level (Grade 5-8) must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in science, math, technology, engineering or education.
  2. For the high school must have an advanced degree or significant commensurate professional experience in one of 17 categories.

It’s necessary for judges not to be involved in any collusion with the student participating in the showcase.

Persons who have experience in judging this kind of events are welcome.

The reasons to take part in the STEM Showcase

Judges who previously took part in this competition say that it’s unbelievable what things students can create with creativity and intelligence. Sometimes their projects become the bases for the future breakthrough in science. It’s really inspiring when students work in their projects to solve problems of the modern world and daily life with science and technology.

Many judges took part in the same events during their studying in different educational organizations, that’s why they are really glad to be volunteers on the STEM Showcase. The other ones say that their involvement is conditioned by the natural curiosity of a scientist as it gives them an opportunity to be on the scientific front of progress.

They suppose that it’s rather better to see the achievements of the young generation by themselves than to watch them in the news. Moreover, such events help to realize what things teens are really interested in and the way they look at the problems.